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Jake Glavis is the founder and owner of Pacific Ridge Construction, a general contracting firm with industry-best expertise in green building and sustainable design. Jake established the company over 20 years ago and has remained unwavering in his commitment to excellence. Having grown up in a local beach town within Marin County, Jake is personally invested in supporting his community through providing unmatched customer service, planning, and building quality.

Jake has worked in trade since the tender age of 15, when he accepted his first of what became a succession of amazing apprenticeship opportunities. His affinity for masonry gave way to a passion for high-end woodwork, and he sharpened his professional skill set under a number of truly talented mentors over the decades. These builders and craftsmen were instrumental in developing Jake’s mastery as a contractor, which was fully realized when he began working independently after the birth of his first daughter.

As a father, Jake discovered new motivation and inspiration to create a legacy which would benefit not only his children or local community, but the world at large. Always an eco-friendly consumer, he quickly realized that his company needed to reflect these values. As such, Jake studied new ways to design and build socially and environmentally conscious homes with efficiency in mind.

These smart, energy-efficient homes stand in stark contrast to the typical housing unit, which tend to be extremely inefficient. Modern technology empowers builders like Jake to completely transform the way we live and the impact we choose to have on the environment. This coincides with a shift in society, as an increasingly number of people embrace the many benefits of a sustainability-oriented mindset. Recycling programs are expanding, we know more than ever about the need to improve indoor air quality, energy consumption is a hot topic – Pacific Ridge Construction offers expertise in all these issues and more, guiding their clients through the many benefits of green building methodologies. These consideration can include the economic, environmental, medical, and more.

Jake Glavis is proud to lead his team at Pacific Ridge Construction in creating comfortable and healthy spaces to call home, standing at the forefront of this construction revolution.


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